“Easy to use authentication based security module for PHP enabled web sites”


A bit of history

This software born with a need for my family homepage. I needed a way to secure parts of it to specific people, knowing that members list could vary in time.
I looked for open source softwares that could handle this for me, but did not find the specific function that I was looking for : handle users and groups distinctely, and have the ability to assign a user into several groups. I may simply not have found this, please let me know if you're know about such an existing script.

The project was renamed from phpAuth to phpAuthent in its early days, as I noticed that phpAuth was already used for an alternate project, not hosted on SourceForge (the site seems to have disappeard today). This is why you could have noticed the phpauth unix name on the project page.


My name is Arnaud Vincent. I'm a french computer engineer who works in the field of customer communication. On the programming aspects, I'm far from being a PHP guru. I learned it because of its wide usage, especially on web hosts that allow you to manage dynamic content using PHP / MySQL combination. So please forgive if I do not use it as it should be, or if you find dramatic errors in the source code.

I've released this project in the hope it could be useful to others. I'll follow and maintain it for a while, until it reaches a mature level. You can contact me by email at (replace -at- with an '@')